Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When Is Enough Enough?

I would like to start out by saying a few things.

1. I am truly thankful for my true friends and family.  The people closest to me that make my day go round. The people that I pray for at night and who I know pray for me.

2. I can not stress....I mean absolutely stress how absolutely wonderful and crucial it is to purge your life REGULARLY of the "un-necessaries" in life.

The blogging challenge today asks me how often I go back for seconds.  But this kind of struck a cord with me.  For food, yes I go back for seconds some times.  I go back for seconds on pretty much anything that I like or that I think ads something good to my life.  Like working out or going to a fair with friends or camping.  These are things I will gladly repeat because they add positive things to my life.  

But then my ADD took that to the next level of yes...we all do that.  Hell, that is half of what is wrong with America is that we always go back not just for seconds, but for thirds and fourths and we do that with EVERYTHING.

Why is America a "fat"country....because people think it's ok and are proud of the fact that they cleaned their plate at the cheesecake factory.  Because people do not have any clue how to tell themselves NO.

No wonder kids act like uncontrolled heathens in the do you really expect to tell your kid "NO" and enforce it when you can't even tell yourself, "No, I really don't need to eat that McDonalds Double Bacon Cheeseburger" or "No, I really don't need to watch another hour of TV" or "No, I can't sit here, I really do need to get up off my ass and go for a walk or something."  


imagine me snapping in front of your face...three the shape of a Z just for emphasis lol

Ask yourself this.  What would my life be like if I said NO to more things?  What would my body look like if I said NO to eating out and eating fast food?  What would my body feel like if I said NO to those fries and that coke?  How clean would my house be if I didn't have a TV?  How much money would I save if I didn't have to go to the store for "something" every day?  What would my finances look like if I said NO I don't need that swanky car when this cheaper not as nice car will do exactly all I need?

We all go back for seconds....Oh I really loved that pumpkin pie...I'm going to eat another slice.  And then a slice for breakfast, and then one with lunch.  Ok at Thanksgiving once a year, that's not terrible...but people do that EVERY DAY.  They eat a snickers EVERY DAY.  

"Oh well I only have one diet coke a day"  

Guess what ladies....DIET COKE MAKES YOU FAT.  It's not good for you, it's not even better for you than a real coke.  I mean hell, if you're going to put shit in your body it might as well be real shit with real sugar instead of some chemical that some nerd who never sees the sun came up with in a lab. 

If you need the caffeine....go drink some TEA.  It's proven over and over and over again to be good for you.  And I'm not trying to come down super hard, I have my fair share of weaknesses.  But tea, real tea, not the crap in a Lipton box, actually tastes pretty good plain but if you just need that little extra in it, drop some honey in there.  It's also proven to be good for you. 

I'm sorry for ranting here...but my estrogen took a beautiful swan dive off of a cliff this week and this is part of the consequences of that.  If you're a woman, you should know what that means.  But back to the rant...

Is going back for seconds just the most terrible thing not all the time.  Seconds can be ok in life....but we have got to get a grip on this and realize that you don't NEED to go back for seconds EVERY DAY...or every week or even every month.  Do you really Need to get your nails done every week?  Do you really Need to eat a milk shake or a coke every day?  Do you really Need to watch 3 hours of TV a day?  Do you really Need another pair of chairs?  Do you really Need another shirt?  Do you really Need a new pair of jeans?  Do you really Need 8 million coffee cups?  Do you really Need  

The Answer Is A Resounding NO!

 - Scarlett

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  1. You put into words what goes around my head so often. We are an over-indulgent people no matter what age group. The more with less challenge this month has really piqued my interest as I've just embarked on this journey and considering downsizing our home. More does not make you happier.