Monday, October 21, 2013

Bad Idea

A little delayed in posting this but it's a story worth telling.

So a couple weekends ago a friend came in from out of town.  A bunch of us old friends got together and were hanging out all day but then decided that we would regroup later that evening and we were going to go OUT!

That's right, OUT! Like to a club.

I have not been out to a "club" in quite some time and after this experience, I know why.

We started out at a local watering hole.  Nothing swanky.  Just had some fun, relaxed, had a drink or two (seriously, 2 drinks) and caught up.  Of course my friend had other friends come out and so we were all getting acquainted as well. Everything is going well, everyone is getting along and having a good time laughing and telling stories.

As the night goes on, my friend says "Hey, Let's all go to this other bar!" I'll call it Club Z.  Since we've all come there to see him, we have no problems with going where he wants to go.  We all want to make sure he has fun and gets to see all of his friends.  So we all load up and head over to Club Z.  It was really cold and I didn't feel like walking all the way to my car so I just rode with my friend and two other people.


Well we get to Club Z.  I have never been there on a Saturday night and I was immediately regretting the decision.  Techno is not music.  I don't know what it is, but if I can't dance to it, I have a hard time calling it music.  Well apparently Club Z is all about the techno.  Club Z is also an open air bar on the top floor of a building.  And it was cold.  So the only way to stay warm was to be in the middle of the mass huddle of people who were drunkenly trying to dance to the techno.

It was awful.  

So I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I now have to be VERY VERY close to a lot of people that I'd rather not touch with a 10 foot pole.  In addition to this, one of my buddy's friends has decided that he likes me.  How or why, I have no idea but he got it in his head that he was going to spend the whole evening in Club Z talking to me.  I'm sure this guy was very nice but I was just not interested.  But I was trying to be nice and I didn't want to be rude.

NOTE TO GUYS:  Some girls like it, I guess, for a guy to hug and hang all over them in a bar and hold their hand.  THIS GIRL DOES NOT!!!

I don't know what this guy's problem was but he wanted to hold my and and put his arm around me.  All under the guise of trying to keep me warm, you know since it was so cold.

I did everything I could to ditch this guy.  I would just take off randomly through the crowd.  I would go to the girls bathroom.  I even went out onto the balcony where it was cold.  Nope.  I just could not shake this dude.  Every time he would put his arm around me I would shrug it off.  Every time he would try to hold my hand I would shake it loose and put it in my pocket.  I even went so far as saying" I really hate this club because I hate being touched and all these drunk people keep bumping into me and touching me."

NOPE.  Went right over his head.

So then I got desperate. I thought, well maybe I'll bore him into going to find another girl to talk to.  So I started talking about my dogs.  And if you know me, I can talk about my critters all day long.  So I talked and talked and talked about my dogs.  How I like them more than most people.  How I let them sleep on the bed.  Nope.  Dude was still with me.

Finally I saw my ex-boyfriend out with his new girlfriend and felt a wave of relief wash over me.  I quickly ran over to them and asked if they were planning on leaving early.  They said yes so I asked if they would mind taking me to my car at the first bar.  They said they would be willing.  I have never been so happy to see my ex.  Not even when we were dating was I ever as happy to see him as I was at that moment.  While I was waiting for them to get ready to leave I was still having to deal with super friendly dude.  I couldn't take it any more.  Finally I text my buddy, the guy I had originally come out to hang out with and asked him if he would please call off this dog that was attached to my hip.  He finally came over and said something to his friend and the guy backed off a little.  BUT HE STILL WOULDN'T LEAVE MY SIDE.

When my ex and his girlfriend decided they were ready I leapt for joy and excitedly followed them out of the club.  I have decided to never go back there again.  My ex and his girlfriend dropped me off at my car.  I thanked them for saving me, hurried home, dove into my pajamas and fixed some hot chocolate before I drifted off to sleep.

How does this relate to choosing a direction?

I am choosing never to go down that path again.  I am officially too old for that nonsense.  Once upon a time, that would have been a fun evening.  But never again will that be a part of my story.  

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