Friday, October 11, 2013

Follow Your Instincts

I can't speak for guys, but I know as girls we often have initial instincts but then we over think it and out smart ourselves into not making the best decisions.

I struggle with this.  I have good strong gut instincts, but all to often I second guess myself, over analyze all of the possibilities and then make the biggest mistake and stop to consider what do I "feel" like doing.

Well I'm hear to tell you that God has taught me a little lesson in following your instincts tonight in the simplest of ways.

Meet Dudette.  Dudette is a turtle. A large turtle that was just walking down my street this evening.  And she was booking it, like she clearly had places to go.  I live in a centrally located neighborhood and I can say that I haven't seen a single turtle on my street in the 2 years I've lived here.  So I went to investigate, as is my way.  Turns out Dudeette is a water turtle, adding to all of the mystery of how she came to be on my block because I am not anywhere even remotely near water.  So I did what you're supposed to do with wild turtles.  I picked her up and took her across the road in the direction she was headed.  I went inside and then thought about it some more.  Dudette was headed towards a MAJOR street that was at the end of my block and at this hour, she would get run over.

So I went back for her.

Dudette had now crossed the street in a northerly direction and was struggling to climb over a curb.  I scooped her up and decided I'd do her one better.  I'd take her to the nicest, largest playa lake in Lubbock which was about a mile from my house.  We got in the car and off we went.

She's kind of a beast.

When we arrived down at the lake, I took her to the water's edge and set her gently in some shallow water that was close to a big concrete drain structure so she'd have some cover near by.  I walked off about 15 feet and waited.  After a second, she came out of her shell and took a long drink of water.  I'm not sure how long she had been walking to find herself in my neighborhood but there was no water around so I can only imagine how thirsty she was.  After drinking, she plodded around in the shallows and then swam away. 

I was curious about what kind of turtle she was so I posted these pictures with some close up of her shell on some turtle forums.  One person said she must have gotten lost while looking for a new pond.  I guess if they outgrow their pond or there are no mates they will search for a new one.

I'm no expert in turtle behavior, but I am pretty sharp when it comes to critters and this girl was not lost.  She knew exactly where she was headed regardless of how dangerous it might be.  It's a wonder she made it to my house.  So I started looking at the factors.  We have a cold wind blowing in from the North and the biggest lake in town is North East of my house.  She wasn't lost, she was following the smell of water and that's where she was headed.  She had clearly chosen her direction.

Now sure, it's not likely she would have made it unharmed considering the roads she had to cross, but how interesting that right when it was about to be more than she could handle on her own someone who was capable came along to help her.

This comes on the heels of my last post about following your dreams.  With that you have to follow your instincts. If you know what's right, if you know where you're supposed to be then GO!  Is it always going to be safe? Probably not.  But if you were meant to go that direction, there will be someone there to help you through the rough parts.

Way to go Dudette.  May you find plenty of food, solid shelter, and a little turtle friend.  Way to follow your instincts.  Look where it got you :-)

Here's to following your instincts and may you never let fear interfere with God's plan for you!  If HE didn't abandon this simple water turtle, why do you think He would abandon YOU?

- Scarlett 

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