Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bathing In A Coffee Pot

I'm still not sure what I think about today's blog prompt so I'll start off skipping it and catching you up on my life.

So I just moved, and I love my new place.  It's still under a little construction, but it's all coming along.  I love the space, I love not having any carpet, I love the location.  I should be able to move my bed into the bedroom this weekend and I should have a sink and vanity in the bathroom this weekend too.

The other night I got my kitchen unpacked and that alone was a HUGE help to my sanity.

But up until this morning I have not had I have not had hot water or heat.  Now the heat thing is no big deal, I just turned all the burners on my electric stove on high and wow did that heat up the house just fine.

But not having a way to have hot water is a whole other story.  I know there are some people on this planet who like to take cold showers, I am NOT one of them.

I am a very happy person.  There are plenty of things that annoy me or bother me but it take a lot to make me truly angry.  Even things that might bother me a whole lot typically only bother me for a few minutes.  I just don't let things interfere with my general level of happiness through out the day.

One of the things that makes me angry is being cold.  Especially cold and wet.  I can handle it if there's work to be done, but as soon as whatever necessary goal is accomplished my number one purpose in life is to get warm again.  So just the idea of taking a cold shower puts a cloud over my brow.

But, a girl can't just walk around this world dirty now can she?  So I went survival skills on it.

Do any of you remember or have one of those blue coffee percolators? I use mine when I go camping.  It looks like this...

Well this is actually the only water vessel that I can seem to find at the moment (pots are apparently still at the old house).  So I've been filling it up (12 cups) and heating it up on the stove.  Then I just go stand in the bathtub and dip my bar of soap with my wash rag in the water and I give myself a bath.  It's kind of nice because I still come out the other end clean, and I get to shave my legs, which is necessary.  It's not quite the level of hair washing I'm accustomed to, but it will do for now.  I also know that I am using very little water, which is a plus.

As of last night at about 11 my hot water heater was fixed and the gas tank was filled up but there wasn't hot water enough to really run a bath till this morning.  I'd love to take a shower, but I need some tools to make my shower curtain rod bigger, which are also still at the old house, and I also need rings to hold up my shower curtain.  These are projects I will work on today after work.

For now all you need to know is that I am clean, I love my new house and things are really coming together on this.

 - Scarlett

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