Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DBC 3: Writing Space? What's That?

My daily blogging challenge today asks me what my writing space is like and where do I write my blog posts.

The answer is that my life is not nearly organized or neat enough to have a designated writing space.

I write all over the place.  Sometimes I write when I'm at home before I go to sleep and in that instance, I'm laying in bed with my laptop on my legs.

Sometimes I write while I'm sitting outside in my yard watching my dogs run around.  The wi-fi reaches that far so I enjoy the fresh air.

As of late, I've been writing my posts in the Library at work.  (I know that makes no sense, explanation to follow.)

I like to think that I'm a relatively structured individual but at the same time, I kinda fly through life by the seat of my pants.  I tell myself that it's just a balancing act that is healthy.  Sometimes I'm really good at it and sometimes, not so much.  I feel like if you're life is too structured then maybe you miss out on some really good stuff.  But if you're life isn't structured enough, well then it's just chaos and I can't handle that.

Example: My laundry situation is often kind of a fly by the seat of my pants type deal, at least for now while I still have to go to the laundry mat....which I despise.

However, the part of my morning routine that involves feeding animals and myself - Very Structured.


So now why am I writing at work and do I work in a Library.

No, I'm what you call a land man.  I work in the oil and gas industry and I look up records in small courthouses in "oil country" to figure out exactly who owns what under certain pieces of land.  And I really enjoy it.  I get to read some very funny wills and family history documents.  I read lots of stuff but then I have to put it all together so every so often, I walk over to the local library where I look at all my notes and start to put the puzzle pieces together.  I follow the land from the moment the State gave it to someone in the beginning to present.  As a result I am often following very lengthy family histories and multiple sales of the land.  I like to think I am very good at what I do and I work very quickly but after several hours of reading these very "legalese" type documents, you just have to take a break.  So usually on my break I write my blog post, sitting on a couch in the Library.  Sometimes I write it while I'm at lunch.  I'm usually all on my own, so I go to really small restraints in really small towns and I sit and type while I wait for my food.  It provides a very welcome mental break and then I'm right back at it.

Maybe one day when I'm a real grown up I'll have a designated place for my computer and I'll have the proper discipline to sit down and write in a certain place or at a certain time...but that is just not my life right now!  For now, I fully embrace the concept of the "lap top."  As far as I'm concerned, it goes where I want to be, not me being restricted to its location.

 - Scarlett

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  1. I write where the laptop is where it lives--on the computer table. It rarely lands on my lap.
    Nice post.