Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ok So I've Been A Little Busy...

Sorry for my absence.  This has been a whirlwind weekend and beginning of the week for me.

First let me catch you up on my weekend.  I sanded and sanded and sanded some more until my hands were vibrating all on their own this weekend.  I got the living room floors of my new house almost completely done.

And then I stepped back for a second and got a reality check on my situation.  I have to be out of my old house by December 1.  Thanksgiving is the weened before that and I'll be out of town.  Bar prep starts pretty much right after that.  So I have to get moved in and settle ASAP.

The current status of the house is, pretty much everything works, but new sheet rock was hung in the bedroom and I have to wait for them to finish mudding that, and then sand it and then put texture on it, and then for all of that to dry before I can even THINK about staining and sealing the floors.  And I just don't have time for that.

So we are altering the game plan just a bit here.

I am moving in this weekend.  My bedroom won't be done quite that fast, but I can put my bed in a back room for now until that is ready.  I went to big lots and got a couple big carpet rugs.  I threw those down on the living room floors after I cleaned them last night to protect them until I can get around to staining them.  Got the couch moved back in the living room where it belongs as well.  The dresser and book shelf that I was going to put in the bedroom can just hang out in the living room until I can move it into the bedroom.  It's not like I have living room furniture anyways.  I don't even own a TV.

So now I am packing like a mad person.  I am picking up a Uhaul truck on Friday night.  Just have to get the few heavy things I own loaded up in it and then boxes and I'm off!!  This is going to be a one trip kinda deal.  If it can't make it on the first trip and it's too big for me to move by myself, then I guess it's just not going!

At any rate.  Sorry for just disappearing on you.  But I have calves like a catcher now from all the floor work.  And I am very very very sore....

 - Scarlett.  

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