Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Catching Up!! If I Could....

My challenge asks me today...well yesterday actually, if I could live in a movie for 5 days, which one would it be?

That is a SUPER tough decision and I feel like it leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

For example, I'd love to live in Snow White for 5 days, as long as it's part of the 5 days she's living happily with the dwarfs and not 5 days that include the hagetha witch killing her.  For one thing, I think I would look cute as a button animated.  And for another, I really want to sing and whistle with animals.

I think I might also like to live 5 days in the movie National Velvet, but it would need to be those 5 days that included the epic and fateful day she actually raced her own horse in the great Steeplechase and won.  I feel like that would be on a whole new level of awesome.

I'd also like to live for 5 days on the ranch in the Horse Whisperer.  I mean seriously, I shouldn't even have to explain why.  But I would not want to be there for the 5 days when the girl and her horse got turned into hamburger meat by a semi.

But if I had to just pick ONE movie above all others, then I have to say I would want to live for 5 days in Marry Poppins!!  I really can't think of a single part of that movie that I wouldn't want to be apart of.  I want to sing and dance on roof tops and I wouldn't mind sliding down a chimney once in my life.  And who wouldn't want to just jump into a sidewalk chalk drawing.  And medicine that always tastes good!!  And considering my upcoming move, how about being able to move all of your perfectly stylish and matching possessions right out of a single carpet bag.


I would happily spend any 5 days in Mary Poppins.  No question about it.

Oh and getting to hang out with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke at the same time....come on.

Where would you spend your 5 days??

 - Scarlett

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