Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Value of Change

Ok, so I'm in my mid-twenties.  Graduated (a few times) and I have a good job.

Once upon a time, everyone would think that now I should be settled and married, right?  Well not this girl, not today.

I say that laughingly because I know I have a few family members that would really like to see me settled and married but let's face it.  I'm just not ready for that to happen yet and anyone who knows me knows that if I pretty much do my life on my terms.  So if I'm not ready, it's not happening. In the meantime I am embracing the change.  Sometimes that means embracing the suck, but hey what's life without a little balance.

My newest adventure.  I am getting ready to move WAY out to the country and I am super excited.  I've never felt comfortable living in town.  It just freaks me out being around that many people.  I don't know them and they could be and likely are TOTAL weirdos.  Now if you just want to be a weirdo, then go for it.  I could care less about your weirdness so long as it does not affect MY weirdness.  And when you've got a bunch of people living close together, well....I find that their weirdness has significantly affected mine.  I've had windows bashed in, my car broken into and stuff stolen.  And I'm just not really interested in playing anymore.  You're not really safe anywhere.  If you live in the ghetto nothing's safe because people will break into your stuff just for fun.  If you live in a nice neighborhood you're just as likely to have your house broken into because you probably have really nice stuff.

You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.....and frankly I'd just rather not be damned.  So I'm moving to the country.  And I am even MORE pumped because I discovered the original hardwood floors under this ugly gold shag carpet today and I'm going back out there tomorrow to rip it all up!!

I'm also at a very crucial turning point in my little life.  I can feel it.  I just found out that I failed the most important academic test of my life to this point.  My degree, that I invested over $120,000.00 in, is pretty much worthless until I pass it.  My personal relationships have been sort of a roller coaster in so many ways.  My job security has until recently been well, less than secure.  I spent so much time throwing my energy in every direction and not focusing it anywhere in particular.


So I've started cleaning house.  Figuratively and literally.  First, I finally got a good job.  With really good people who I actually enjoy working for.  People I respect and who have been willing to teach me a lot to make sure that I could be successful.  Then I started purging some things out of my life.  I quit hanging out with some people.  Quit texting some people. I was only halfway dedicated to it.

Then suddenly some people I knew said some of the most outrageous things to me.  I'm not going to go into what they said to me, but I'll just say that it was extremely inappropriate and disrespectful and if anyone ever talks to my future daughter like that, I might shoot them.  These people didn't say these things to my face....because there is no way they are that ballsy.  But they said them from behind the safety of a keyboard.  So I got on Facebook and I went through my phone and I just started deleting everything and everyone that did not add something useful or meaningful to my life.  The only exceptions to this were people that I maybe hadn't talked to in a while, but who I had always admired and respected.  Other than that, pretty much everyone got the boot.



I decided there is a certain way I deserve to be treated because that's how I treat people and I will no longer allow people to participate in my life unless they can give friendship like I can.

I started writing this post because I'm excited about ripping up carpet but kinda got sidetracked.  Sorry.  BACK TO CARPET!!

I have an aunt who is kind of like a remodeling ninja when it comes to old houses.  So she and my mom are my number one go to sources when it comes to making your home better.  I called my aunt and told her of my discovery of the hardwood floors and she was thrilled for me.  She asked me a few questions and with my responses came to the conclusion that it would be quite easy to take the carpet up.  I asked her if she thought I could get it done in one day and she said she was sure I could.  She pulled all her carpet up one day while her husband was out playing golf (you know because she wasn't supposed to be pulling up carpet haha).  I love the women in my family.  My mom did something like that only on a WAY more epic scale. She ripped up a whole house full of linoleum and decided to try to paint and seal the concrete in less than a week while my dad was out of the country for business.  I'm not married so I have the luxury of doing whatever the hell I want whenever I want.  That might end one day, so I'm going to live it up while I can.

The ultimate point of this post was the point out that sometimes, extreme change needs to happen if you want to see extreme results in your life.  If you wake up and realize that your life sucks, or that you are unhappy with it, then you need to get to work!!  It won't fix itself! I want some pretty extreme results and I could not be more excited about the changes that are moving and grooving in my life.  This is going to be a brand new chapter and here I am, pen in hand, ready to write it out.

I'll take pictures of the carpet project as I go through it tomorrow and will post on my progress :-)

 - Scarlett 


  1. Watch out for the carpet tacks...they are nasty mean.

  2. I think ripping up carpet will probably be a great way to release any frustrations! Sounds like you are making great choices and once all the negativity is gone maybe the test will be yours for the taking next time, so to speak :)

  3. Yes, carpet tacks are nasty mean. That's what caused my injury. Pulled my mom's classic move. Doing work like this without gloves. And thank you Laurie! So far the purging of old and useless things is going very very well and things are looking up, despite the weekend I had! See the newest post. Here's hoping to destroying this test the second go around.