Monday, November 4, 2013

DBC 2: Favorite? I Don't Understand the Question

So if you've been reading my blog since last Friday you know I'm doing a daily blogging challenge.

Today's challenge asks me to identify my favorite character of all time, which is ridiculously difficult to do.

I'm traditionally a Disney girl and though I love all the Disney ladies, I have to say (even as a 26 year old "adult") my go-to-girl is Mulan.  I love Belle, but I just can't always identify with her.  Cinderella and Snow White, yeah forget it.  I'm not naturally graceful or poised and I was a total ugly duckling until about the age of 21.  I am also a true Leo in that I am the latest bloomer ever!!  Mulan was such a misfit but she found her place in the world and she rocked it.  She was challenged and she rose up and overcame.  Instead of waiting for someone to find her and just passively hoping something would change she made a decision and went with it.  Now we could argue the various ins and outs of that decision, but regardless, she was one of the few Disney women of Action!!  And I can appreciate that!

But she is still my second choice.  Not quite my favorite, but so so so close.

By the way I do have HUGE Disney posters hanging in my house to this day.  They don't really go with my decor but I couldn't care less. 

You know those days when you just feel like you suck at life and everything is going wrong and literally the best thing you can do is go home, put on sweat pants and then just start fresh tomorrow??  Well when I have a day like that, I do go home and put on sweatpants.  Then I pour myself a glass of chocolate wine, not in a wine glass, but a cup that looks like it should belong to a 5 year old (it's pink with bumps all over it), stick a straw in it and pop in Mulan.  On VHS. :-)

Yes, I do still own and operate my VHS player!

There were several others, for example the Queen in 300.  But I'm not married, much less to a warrior king and she did make a more than questionable decision that I would have made differently.

I thought about Jo, the bold and outspoken sister in Little Women.  The rebel/writer of the bunch.  But still that wasn't quite it.

I ultimately settled on the character Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride and Prejudice (the book people, not the movie).  I do love Elizabeth.  An odd duck herself.  A young woman portrayed to have an independent way of thinking and to be a touch more bold than women of that era should have been.  I can't remember exactly how old I was when I read Pride and Prejudice, but I remember I loved her.  She was smart and she was a woman of action, at least as much as she could be in that time period.  But she was also a perfect balance of graceful and spunky.  She was ruthlessly protective of her sister (which I can completely relate to) and she didn't take crap off of anyone, regardless of how high and mighty they thought they were.

My favorite part of the book is when she tells off Mr. Darcy's awful, rude and haughty Aunt.  One of my favorite "TAKE THAT" moments in a book, ever. 

And she ended up with a Mr. Darcy.  And I mean seriously, who doesn't want a Mr. Darcy!!!!!!

So that's my favorite character of all time :-)

 - Scarlett

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  1. I love your list of non-Disney women! As for my Disney's princesses I love the ones of this generation because they are not relaying solely on their prince. Belle is the exception of princesses in that era and I love that you picked her.