Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's In A Name??

My little blogger challenge thingy today asks if I could change my first name, what would I change it to?

This got me thinking about my own name and frankly I have no complaints.  The only thing I've ever hated about my name is the way my mom said it when I was in trouble, which has happened a LOT.

I was pretty severely made fun of in elementary and junior high, but I'm pretty sure that was unavoidable.  I have a pretty normal name.  FYI my first name is not Scarlett.  My name isn't Jessica or Allison either, but it's still pretty common.  There is nothing remarkable about it.  I wan't made fun of because of my name, I was made fun of because I wore glasses.  I was made fun of because my teeth were jacked up.  I was made fun of because I loved horses with a passion that burned hotter than the sun haha.

But my name has not really had any impact on my life, not that I know of anyways.

I guess if I had to change it to something, I'd like to change it to something foreign and exotic.  Something fun and memorable.  My name is so generic that people often forget it and think it's some other generic name.  I get Ashley a lot.

I think it would be cool if my name were something like Francesca or Lilliana!  Something exciting and feminine.

Oh and my real name is also a unisex name.  I know more guys with my name than I know girls.  Maybe if I had a more feminine name I would be more graceful or soft.  Not quite so....aggressive.  To some of you readers that might not make sense.  If you don't know me, here's a snap shot.

I am very strong willed, very aggressive in achieving whatever it is that I decide I want, very NOT afraid or bothered by confrontation, very Type A personality.  I am very opinionated, though I have gotten better about keeping at least some of those to myself sometimes.  And I've always been more interested in what society would deem are more masculine sports.

For example, all through out my childhood I was always WAY more interested in playing tackle football with other kids in the apartment complex than I was playing dolls with my sister.  When I lived in the country I was always climbing trees and digging in the dirt.  Even to this day my extra circulars are not what society would label "feminine" activities.  I was, am, and will always be a GRADE A TOMBOY.

My sister has a very feminine name.  She played tennis.  She has long pretty blonde hair and big bright blue eyes.  She is quiet-er.  Softer spoken.  Generally considered very sweet unless you've pissed her off.

So I don't know what I would change it to if I had the choice, but perhaps something softer and sweeter.  Maybe it would help, maybe it wouldn't.

While I have lots of edges I'd like to sand down, I'm generally pretty pleased with how I turned out so I'm just fine with the name I have.

 - Scarlett


  1. I think a name is very important. My first name is Michael and I am a girl...I got teased so much in school that when we moved I started going by my middle name which is very girly. In college I just went by my initials but slowly over time I have embraced my name and love what it means in my family.

    I love your name by the way.

    Stopping by from Blogher

    1. I've always loved when girls had guy names. The inner tom boy in me always thought that was so neat. But my name isn't really a boy name. My real name is Courtney. It's just unisex.

  2. Great post! I never would have guessed your real name.

  3. You could just go by Court.

    That throws a little "Whaaat?" in the mix!

  4. Hello- visiting from NaBloPoMo! I haven't realized how important names were until my name always got mispronounced (I live in the Netherlands and they always pronunce my name Olcha, instead of Olga), and then I had to name three children whose names would have to work in my native Polish, my husband's native German and in Dutch!

  5. Seriously? ....Lillianna or Francesca?? Wouldn't the more obvious (slightly more appropriate and quite feminine) name be Scarlett? Just a thought. - FT